Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where's Waldo?

I've been away from this blog for a LONG time. However, let's not call me Waldo. If I absolutely had to change my name to something similar, I'd prefer Juanita. Lenny has an aunt named Juanita. Just for fun (and to make sure I was spelling it correctly), I looked up the name. The resulting reference is ABSOLUTELY NO announcement or indication. I am NOT pregnant. Enjoy this little tidbit courtesy of Google's top search result from

Origin of the name Juanita: Feminine form of Juan, the Spanish form of John (God is gracious)...

Yes, I do believe I would prefer that name over Waldo. God IS gracious. Indeed He is. I am not changing my name though. So, of course, I had to look up my name. Here you go...

Origin of the name Lindsay: taken from the old Scottish surname de Lindsay, meaning "from Lindsay," a part of the county of Lincolnshire in northeastern England. Lindsay is derived from Lincoln, a shortened form of Lindum Colonia, the first part of which is thought to be from the Welsh llyn (lake) and the second of which is from the Latin colonia (colony, settlement).

Okie dokie. That's not quite as fun or inspiring, but "lake settlement" isn't terrible. I have very much digressed.

Here I am. I'm back. I've been on a social media hiatus, which primarily refers to absence from Facebook and this blog. I needed to prove to myself that disconnecting from these things would not lead to my insanity. To the contrary, here I am: living, breathing proof that I haven't developed a third eye or lost the ability to use my laptop by steering clear of these things. It wasn't so bad. I learned to live without it.

What I didn't do was compensate in other ways by connecting with people via phone or in person. That was definitely a mistake. I lost some valuable time with some people that I love. It makes me sad, but the experiment was good. What I learned...
  • The world keeps turning without Facebook. The world also keeps turning if I have absolutely no regular frequency of blogging. It is fun to write though, and I'm thankful to those of you who read my blog.
  • Facebook and blogging are like medicine for the extreme introvert in me. My soul thrives on being with and connecting with people. Take away these connection points, and the introvert takes over. In this day and age, Mary Poppins, a spoonful of medicine makes the sugar "go down" for me. Gimme my medicine.
There you go...nothing earth-shattering. However, I'm back. I am Lindsay, not Waldo or Juanita, and God is gracious, regardless.