Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday Wee Hour Thoughts

So, it’s officially Friday. It’s 12:21 AM and I cannot sleep. I had WAY too much caffeine this evening and the vent in our hotel room is rattling. Even though my eyes feel like sandbags, my mind is racing, so let’s get some stuff out there.
  • We’re on VACATION! Yes, we’re still on vacation. It’s already been THE best vacation ever and there are still a few days left. **BIG ‘OLE HAPPY SIGH** I’ll write all about it soon. Lenny and I wrote a song about it and have lots of pictures to include that I’m unable to download to this computer. Soooo…it’ll have to wait for now.
  • Before I decided to get out of bed and ramble here, I looked at the clock. I was laying on my side, my left eye closed, my right eye open. My vision was doubled. What the heck? I played with it. Left eye open, right eye open, both eyes open. Left eye’s good. Both eyes together, great. When the right eye is flying solo, my vision doubles, but only when I’m viewing the clock with my head turned sideways. The clock read 12:12. Double twelves. Mic check 1-2, 1-2. Stupid right eye.
  • P.S. When I finally started typing here, it was 12:21. What the heck does that mean? Is this a test?
  • We saw X-MEN First Class tonight. Lenny asked me what power I would have if I could have one. I would choose to fly. Yes I would. Like a flying squirrel or base jumper Jeb Corliss. I would glide, not use wings. Thank you very much.
  • The first place we stayed on this week's little journey was The Inn at Sugar Hollow Farm, an exquisite B&B in Crozet, VA. The last two nights we stayed, we were the only people there. That meant made-to-order breakfast and, when we left Wednesday, a Lemon Chill pie to take with us. The pie is dang good…and there’s still some left. I might just have me a piece, right now, at 12:39 AM on Friday. Yep.
  • Speaking of feeding my face, I’ve gained a few pounds on this fantastic vacation. Which reminds me that I must start working out again when I return. For those who read my last post, I’m getting wary of lean, mean Chalene. Just before I left Richmond last Sunday, my joints were hurting and feeling heavy. Maybe it’s too high impact. Maybe I’m just a wiener. More to come on that…
  • Did I mention that this past Wednesday was our anniversary? Nine years. I love this man. He’s incredible. A week away, just the two of us, with no plan and no schedule, has been heavenly so far. Tomorrow morning, we’ll visit the spot where he proposed. I guess that sounds like a plan amongst the no-planning. That’s ok. I cannot wait!
Num num num…good pie and goodnight.