Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Naming the Firstborn

This is my first real blog. Not that I've written a fake one. However, I'm not itching to share my only other attempt.

I love to write. My thoughts move much faster than my mouth. Luckily, I can tap the keys almost as quickly. Conclusion: keep mouth shut...blogging is for peeps like me!

I like to plan things. So, I thought carefully about the topic of my first blog. It was supposed to be about creativity and how I hope to use this blog to expand my creativity, blah, blah blah.

Then I had to setup this account and actually name my blog. I laughed so hard through this process that I decided I'd write about. I'll try not to write a book. However, my thoughts are SPEEDING.

I wanted my blog name to be meaningful, catchy, and something I wouldn't look at in three weeks and wonder what the heck I was thinking. I love the word "puddle." I started with "Puddles of Love." Gag...plus the name was taken. Thank you person that took that name.

This blog will likely be a creative outlet for me and a place to dump my very random thoughts. So, I recalled our small group discussion last night about what it's like inside my head (yes, somehow that was a topic of conversation). My wonderful husband proceeded to bang his hands together and ask everyone if they remembered the toy monkey with the cymbals. Ha ha. Very funny.

So, I tried "Monkey Cymbals." Bingo. It was available. Of course it was. It will make me cringe every time I see it. Next please. "Crash of the Monkeys." Yep, also available. However, I wasn't rejoicing. There's something about referencing monkeys in your blog title that screams "weirdo."

My brain is like swiss cheese. Thus, the thoughts that will fall through the holes into this blog. So, I looked up something more elegant than swiss cheese. How about "Holy Jeans." Play on words, cute, explainable. Also TAKEN. That's ok, you can have it. Not thrilled with it. Slight gag factor.

So, what about my favorite words. I love the word "critter" for some reason. I love biscuits. "Critter Biscuits." Also available. I'm still laughing. Funny, but not really. I must be getting sleepy.

Then it HIT me. Thank you my dear food-loving friend, Holly. At Christmas, I made these funky little cookies with Fiber One cereal. Chocolate Chips, Fiber One, and Peanut Butter. They're tasty, look a bit like reindeer droppings, and we called them Fiber One cookies. That name is really NOT fun. So, Holly renamed them Lindsay Cookies. Cute. I laughed. But it just came back to me. Presumptuous to use my name in my blog title? I dunno. Not sure I care right now. Perhaps I will in three weeks.

The firstborn blog has a name folks. Say hello to "Lindsay Cookies." Stay tuned for the next batch (gag).


  1. Hello Lindsay Cookies! I can see this blog is going to be one of my new favorite things in the world!!! At my house we also have Lindsay Cake, Lindsay Brownies, and Lindsay Crackers. When Stella is asking for anything that I am baking or seems extra yummy sometimes she sticks a 'Lindsay' in front of it! Ha! It's super funny! Luv ya!!!! ~ Holly

  2. I like the name...I also like the cookies. Good choice. Joe

  3. Yay! You're blogging! Love it - ALL of it.

    Make me some cookies. PLEASE???

  4. Tried your cookies today, wow they were delicious! Beth was very kind to share them with me. The name is great for the cookies and your page. Thanks for sharing both!

  5. I am soooo enjoying reading your blog. You are hilarious!