Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It’s been a couple of weeks since my last personal blog entry. I don’t like being away from my blog. So, I’ve given myself a little challenge. It’s very late and I should really be getting some sleep. I have LOTS to do tomorrow. However, I NEED to write. So my challenge is to create this post in ten minutes or less. I’ll apologize in advance for anything it’s lacking, due to less time for thoughtful word choices. For the sake of time, the following bulleted list will be a super swift splatter of some thoughts that have been speeding through my head in the last two weeks. Ready. Set. Go.

  • It’s not that I have nothing to write on this blog; it’s just that I am completely and utterly overwhelmed with inspiration, information, heartbreak, happenings, new developments, and emotions. I don’t know where to start.
  • My heart hurts. So many people are really, really sick or have passed on. I learned today that a former coworker is terminally ill. I can’t find words. Lump in my throat. He’s a wonderful, wonderful man.
  • Lenny is traveling so much. I worry for him. He’s so stressed. I wish there was something I could do to help him with his work.
  • Just about all of the females in my family and everyone I went to school with have had babies. I’m 30. Time is passing me by. Plus, my skin has become incredibly oily over the last few months and now I have acne like a teenager. I digress from babies. Nevertheless, all of this worries and frustrates me.
  • I don’t call or visit my parents enough. I would be mad at me if I were them. I love you mom and dad.
  • The Leadership Summit was awesome. So inspiring. I heard a whisper. DO MORE. I jumped on in. I’m scared to death, but this time, I’ve got my God. Forget the frenzy. Just remember to be drawn along the journey by God.
  • The staff retreat was a blessing. I love those people so much that my heart wants to explode. Thank You God for your incredible providence.
  • Wow, it’s already been 12 minutes. So much for my little challenge.
  • This week has been overwhelming so far. I got to worship TWICE on Sunday. I got to help lead worship Monday night at a tiny little church in Partlow, VA. Tonight, I got to make some more music and prepare for this Sunday. I am filled with worship music and my heart is about to burst. I think I’ll end on that note and with a song. Until next time…

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  1. I have missed your writing, my friend. Love you!! Great post.