Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turning On the Lights and the Mic...Again!

Join us on Saturday night, August 21 at 6:30pm at PCC’s Powhatan campus for our second Summer Saturday Nights open mic night! Coffee-house setting, no pressure, just come share your talents! If you play an instrument, sing, have a band, read poetry, or would even like to display your art, this is for you! Also, children are invited. If your child has a talent to share, please encourage him/her to attend.
  • DO I NEED TO BRING MY OWN MUSIC? WILL SOMEONE BE THERE TO ACCOMPANY ME? There will be someone to play piano; however, please contact me no later than Tuesday, August 17, to discuss accompaniment so that we can prepare. You can also bring an accompanist of some sort if you'd like, a track, or sing a cappella.

  • WILL THERE BE AN AUDIENCE? Consider this like any other open mic night. There will be food, coffee, and everyone is welcome. It will be incredibly relaxed and a great opportunity to share your talents!

  • WILL INSTRUMENTS BE AVAILABLE? SHOULD I BRING MY OWN? We'll have the piano, a drum kit and a basic acoustic guitar (without a pickup). Other than that, bring your own. The sound board will be on and we'll have DI's for guitarists if you don't bring an amp.

  • CAN I SING WHATEVER I WANT? Sure! Any style, any genre - it doesn't have to be a "Christian" song. Make it something that you love!
Please contact Lindsay Harris with questions at It’s going to be an awesome Saturday night!

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