Monday, January 30, 2012

A List

It’s another one of those nights.  Lenny went up to bed over an hour ago. 

“You coming?” he asked. 

“Yep, just a sec,” I said.

However, seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours, etc.  He hates it when I do this.  I understand his irritation.  On the very rare occasion that I go to bed before he does, I’m quite offended when he won’t come with me.  So, I’m sure it’s pretty annoying when I agree to go with him, but then don’t.

Sometimes, I just don’t want to go to bed.  I can’t explain it.  There’s finality in it.  And sometimes, I just simply don’t feel like finalizing my day.

Tonight, that feeling radiates.  So, I do random things.  Respond to some emails.  Check Facebook.  Explore Google Analytics.  Check Facebook.  Read some blogs. 

I’m feeling pretty useless.  And then I remember the AWESOME list my friend posted today.  33 Ways to Stay Creative.  Great list.  Numbers 1 through 3:


HA!   Ok.  This is much more productive than randomly clicking around the internet.  For now, I’m disregarding #4, GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. I’m not going anywhere before bed, so I’ll disregard #2 also. 

That leaves me with making lists and free writing. This blog entry will serve as the free writing part.  I had absolutely no plan when I started writing this.  I still have no idea what list I will make.  But here goes.  Let’s see. 

First 5 songs that come to mind:
·      Matthew’s Begats – Andrew Peterson
·      Living on the Edge – Aerosmith
·      Somewhere Over the Rainbow
·      What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner
·      Like a Lion – Daniel Bashta

Uhhhhh…dang.  Not the list I expected.  Free writing surprises even me.  For once my mind was blank.  Funny what comes out of a blank mind when you force it to churn.

I think I’m going to go to bed and see how this list differs in the morning.


  1. I'm exhaling. I've been holding my breath until you posted again.

    Good stuff!

  2. sometimes I don't like to go to bed either. going to bed reminds me of being a responsible person, a mom who has to get up and take care of kids. staying up reminds me of high school and college, when i could lie on the couch eating chips and salsa and watching tv until i fell asleep, and i really like the way that feels.

  3. You should check out I love that site. It's the best for free writing.