Monday, July 12, 2010

Frowning on Bedtime

It’s late. I’ll let you in on a secret. While this post will probably be time stamped around 9 or 10pm, it’s actually almost 1am. I haven’t yet figured out why the time stamp is weird. In my haste to create a blog and write my first entry, I probably decided I was on Pacific time.

11pm is the magic hour for me. So, why is it after midnight and why am I still ticking? I hate to go to bed when Lenny’s not here. I don’t know why. Well, yes I do. I hate sleeping alone. Let me rephrase that. I hate sleeping without Lenny. He’s my snuggle buddy. When I don’t want to put my electric socks on, he kindly serves as the warmer of the feet. Lift Lenny, place feet under Lenny, experience incredible warmth while Lenny winces in the darkness and refrains from unkind expletives.

After the feeling returns to my feet and his core temperature has dropped, we continue to dent one side of our mattress by settling in on the same side. That’s right. We could fit a family of four in our bed, but we choose to sleep on the same side. When I’m gone, he holds a pillow. When he’s gone, I just can’t sleep. So, since I am not a fan of watching tv, I find other things to do. Tonight, I’m writing this blog. La la la. I am frowning on bedtime like a kid that doesn’t want to lay down for a nap. Foot stomp (cold foot, that is). Pout. Deep sigh. Not going. Hmmph.


  1. ok I can't get you calling Lenny a "Snuggle bug", thank you for letting me in on that. It will come in handy from time to time when I want to rib him for whatever reason...Holly and I love to snuggle as well. When I am outa town I take all the pillows that I am not using on he bed and form a "Holly Pillow".... :)

  2. Dear Lindsay,
    I'd be happy to fill in as your snuggle buddy, please try not to lower my core temp too much for I am small.
    Love Always, George