Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Music has been a huge part of my life since I was a wee preschooler. I was the weird kid (this is where I expect you to gasp in disbelief, but my gut tells me you’re nodding in agreement). While everyone else played nicely together in the sandbox, I was alone, on the swing set, sailing to and fro as I sang my current favorite song repeatedly. My mom can vouch for this. She often yelled at me for coming home with “black stuff” on the sides of my shorts. “Black stuff” cannot be washed away. I guess black rubber melts off and leaves stains when you swing long enough that your clothing is becoming “one” with the swing. Sorry mom.

So it’s dark out, I’m much older, and there’s no swing set. Instead, tonight, I’m watching Palladia. If you love live concerts and don't get this channel, you’re missing out. Of course, everything is pre-recorded. However, the footage is fantastic and I find myself ready to put on my favorite concert attire, open the windows for that amphitheater “feel,” and start cheering.

This is one of my favorites from tonight. I’ve heard this song many times before. It’s one of the few songs that literally make my heart ache from the moment it starts. It’s not complicated. However, it’s steady rhythm, poignant lyrics, and haunting melody will flood my heart with a bittersweet twinge before my mind has even recalled a memory. I have always been floored at how a song can invoke such a response, so I just thought I’d share…


  1. Love this.

    I missed the Coldplay era until Viva la Vida. I'm not sure where I was....probably breastfeeding a baby somewhere.

    So - confessing that I don't know this song. (shame on me).

    Good stuff, though. On repeat for me right now.

    And hey - I was weird, too. Just like you. But not with the swinging thing....

  2. LOVE this song. not a HUGE Coldplay fan. alil to EMO for me at times, but some songs... like this one... AWESOME!! I also was weird, but onyl cause I was like 15, 6'2" and a size 10 shoe... alittle tall and lanky boy!! awwwww... I know!!