Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet the Kids

News flash…if you don’t already know, Lenny and I do not have human children. We’re now both officially in our thirties and no, we’re not surrounded by drooling babies. I honestly believe that this is by God’s design. We went through a rough patch, our marriage continues to grow stronger, and I’m ever so thankful that kids weren’t caught in the middle of our mess when it was happening. I have nothing against kids. In fact, I’m currently dating a fine fellow named George (otherwise known as “Small”). You can check out George and his lovely family here. Lenny is perfectly fine with this “boyfriend.” In fact, they’ve been seen watching baseball together.

Notice that I said we don’t have human children. I am not ashamed to say that I have two cats and they are like children. If you’re truly going to know me, then it’s time you meet the kids. My mom calls them her “grandcats.” I only have two, so you cannot yet label me the “cat lady.” However, I do love these critters, their little personalities, and the way they have become such a huge part of our family. Meet my kids.


She is my first-born. Given to us by a friend, we brought her home in 2003 just after Hurricane Isabel. For some odd reason, we named her Isabel and have NEVER called her that. Shortly after she joined us, Usher’s duet with Alicia Keys, “My Boo”, became a hit. I started calling her Boo, Boogie, Boo Nuggets, Boo Boo, and probably many other forms of the name. Boo she became.

She was the only child for two years. Prissy, independent, and incredibly sassy, she became a unique playmate. Nightly, even now, she waits around corners for me to appear and then dashes off, in the hopes that I will chase her. What’s the game? Hide behind the shower curtain and run again when I find her. Next hiding place? The living room window sill, behind the curtains. And then? Hide at the top of the steps. When I creep up the steps, pounce on me. We have repeated this routine over the years. She considers it great fun. I continue to be amazed that this sleek little feline is so smart and gets such joy out of a game.

What else is there to know about Miss Boo? Lenny is her man. She is definitely not a lap cat, but you’ll find her in Lenny’s lap. She occasionally allows him to hold her like a baby, with her head on his shoulder. She loves to drink water out of the bathroom faucet and she often cries for someone to follow her and watch her eat (very strange, but very true). She’ll spend ten minutes munching on food if you watch her. If you leave, she’s done. I love this little odd ball.

Oh, Buddy. This little guy is my boy. He is also called Bud-DAY, Butternut Squash, and Buster Douglas. It was midnight, December of 2005, and I had just spent my very first practice with The Great Unknowns. I stopped to get gas at the Shell Station that sits on the Midlothian/Powhatan line. There he sat, eating trash. He was very obviously starving. I had no plans to have a second child and I’m not usually the type to bring home strays. But I spoke to him, and he spoke back. His little teeth were worn down and he had no whiskers. I decided he was coming home with me. And so he did.

I’m fairly certain that he thinks I’m his mother. He follows me everywhere. If there’s not a computer in my lap, then there’s a Buddy in my lap. He gets very annoyed when the space is not available. If I need a break and don’t allow him in my lap, he’ll reach out a paw and touch my shoulder as if to say, “Hey you, you need to pay some attention to me.” He also loves to be held like a baby.

We do not let either of them sleep with us. However, every now and then, when I’m waiting for Lenny to come to bed, I’ll leave the bedroom door open. This little golden ball of fur will hop on the bed, sniff my face, and then lay down right beside me with his head on the pillow. I’ve had other dogs and cats. This is the most unique animal I have ever encountered. If you don’t believe it, come on over and meet him.

I love these critters. I’m hopeful that there will be real children some day. However, these two fur balls will always be my babies. Meow.

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  1. Oh our first shout out to the Animal House! You are my FAVORITE cat lady, you almost make me want a cat. Almost. <3 U