Friday, June 18, 2010

The Multicolored Mane - Day 0.5

Every Tuesday, I am blessed to spend the morning with Beth Brawley Stoddard, Brian Hughes, Jackie Heberle, Lori Vaughn, and sometimes other folks, as we brainstorm, pull together PCC services, and make everything "click" for the week. I'm still awed by this process. Sometimes I'm able to contribute and sometimes I just observe as ideas are tossed on the table like puzzle pieces until we can make the right ones fit. When they fit, the entire team smiles, "gets it," and we’re off and running to make it happen. It’s awesome, amazing, and I LOVE TUESDAYS.

On Tuesdays, my creativity is unleashed. That sounds so powerful. Unleashed implies a roaring lion. Right now, my creativity is more like a yippy little poodle. My point is that, I feel liberated on Tuesdays. I LOVE embracing my right brain, throwing in some color, stepping outside the “lines” so to speak. I want so badly to vaporize my creative poodle and replace it with a fabulous lion with a beautiful, multicolored mane. (Hey, it’s my lion. It can be whatever color it wants to be.)

I think I can do that. I take that back…I KNOW I can do that. And I invite you on a short journey with me. Let me give you the background…

When I was getting my MBA, we were required to take a creativity course. Every week we saw, heard, experienced something different. We also had to keep a journal, but not just any journal. It had to be creative. It couldn’t be just words written about the day’s events. I jumped into this like my life depended on it. I left that course more convinced than ever that I am right-brained, I am creATIVE, I AM MEANT TO BE DOING SOMETHING OTHER THAN MATH, SCIENCE, BUSINESS, SOMEBODY LET ME OUT! Uh-em. Moving on.

This blog has been one of my attempts at tuning my creative engines. But I’ve let it slip over the last month. Inspired by this awesome blog series from Beth Brawley Stoddard, I’m starting a 7-day project today. The goal? To force me to keep my eyes open, be creative, LAMSTAIH.

That’s right, LAMSTAIH. Look-At-More-Stuff, Think-About-It-Harder. That’s from the class, not from me. It works. I don’t know what I’ll post here yet, but I’m calling it The Multicolored Mane. Why? Because it makes me smile and I love that picture in my head.

My posts this week could be incredibly wacky, make absolutely no sense at all, or perhaps inspire. I may cheat and pull in some stuff from my old journal, but always with a new twist. I may use all KINDS of mediums, from others’ blogs, to videos, to pictures, to random thoughts. So, look for the first one this evening. For now, I’m off to the grocery store.

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  1. Well then.
    I love that you love Tuesdays. Because so do I.
    And I'm thrilled to have inspired you. Yippee!


    I'm hooked already....