Friday, June 25, 2010


For those who don’t know, I market nutrition and wellness products via a company called AdvoCare. I use them, they work, I feel better than ever, and so I share them. I am NOT a salesperson, so no worries. If you want to know about them, I’ll tell you. If you don’t mention them, then I won’t either.

Twice each year, AdvoCare has a huge training conference called Success School in Texas. Thus, I find myself in Texas today. I arrived at 9:00 am and the first session doesn’t begin until 7:37 pm (no, that time is not a typo…it’s a tactic).

I didn’t want to come on this trip. I truly wasn’t in the mood. I love the company. I love the products. I believe in the business model. However, my passion and motivation has become focused elsewhere and what once was a fiery desire to get people healthy is now a heap of smoldering ash. I still go through the motions. I still love helping people. I love seeing that sheepish grin when they succeed. However, I no longer feel the need to preach it and offer health advice with every other utterance out of my mouth.

So, after assaulting my tiny suitcase with scissors this morning when the zipper got stuck, I arrived at the airport rolling a half-empty suitcase big enough for a family of four, full of contempt for the coming weekend and arriving at the gate just as my row was called. I was at least able to crack a smile when I saw two awesome PCC people getting on the same plane.

My mood shifted considerably as we soared over the sleepy-eyed early risers on the ground. Despite the fact that I probably could have zonked out and drooled on the lovely elderly lady next to me, I chose to read a book some of us are studying at PCC, “
The Heart of the Artist,” by Rory Noland. I had my Bible on hand as well and for two and a half hours, I dove in.

Upon landing, I felt fed, inspired, and at peace. I’m now looking forward to the next couple of days. I truly believe that this trip was a gift from God. On a plane with over 100 people, I felt like I had some serious “alone time” with Him. I felt reaffirmed, once again, that the choices I’ve made over the last year were what He wanted for me. My motivational "dip" is by design. This trip was not a mistake. I may not be here to “nerd-out” over AdvoCare, but I’m here for a good reason. Can’t wait to see where this weekend leads. Thank you God for the fresh perspective!

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  1. YAY God!! YAY Lindsay!! Have a great time, we will miss you.