Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Multicolored Mane - Day 5

Wow, it's hard to believe it's already Day 5. Today happens to be Tuesday. That's right...I love Tuesdays! But they are busy days, so I'm sitting down very late, once again, to try and get creative (outside of the regular Tuesday meeting).

I spent all day today working on PCC services, team meetings, and upcoming events. So it seemed fitting tonight to think about household items that could potentially be used for set design. I looked around for a while and found this link. I am especially fond of the Plastic Water Bottle Jellyfish. Not that we need a jellyfish on our set; however, seeing everyday items used like this certainly makes you consider your personal items much more carefully.

So, I considered a couple of my own items. I am absolutely NOT an artist. However, here are some possibilities:

Magazine Art - somehow, I have too many magazines laying around my house. This is just an example using 4 magazines. Boring, doesn't seem incredibly creative, but imagine the possibilities if you had enough magazines to choose colors and truly create art? If you crumpled pages to create depth, you could make shapes on a solid background.

Grocery bag bow - again, not incredibly exciting, but I save grocery bags. How could they be tied together or manipulated to make shapes?

Just ideas. Glad to have at least a few today.

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