Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Multicolored Mane - Day 2

I want my blog to be fun to read. Right now, I’m finding this series incredibly annoying and that makes me sad. I already gag at the name of it (but I’m sticking with it). I was not thrilled with yesterday’s final entry. I had big plans for today, I was going to put time into this, but plans changed and time is running out. I’m sitting here, it’s late (for this old lady), I want to create, do something fabulous, be able to look back at this and say, yes! That project was a success right from the start. But my eyes are tired and I’m determined to get in bed at a decent hour tonight so I’ll be ready for worship tomorrow. That gives me about 15 minutes to do something.

My dad came to visit today. He loves to cook. He’d much rather have dinner at home than go out. So, I cooked him dinner. Steak, baked potatoes, grilled mushrooms and eggplant, and roasted asparagus. It was dang good. So I can say that I created dinner (Lenny manned the grill, so I must give him credit also). Not only that, but I’ve already prepped lunch for tomorrow: I marinated the honey mustard pork chops, washed the sweet potatoes, trimmed my spinach. It used to be a challenge for me to boil water. Now I feel like a kitchen guru. That makes me happy.

So, back to this series. I feel like I need some goals. That’s my “big” accomplishment for today: a list of goals that I will use to spur some serious creativity over the remaining five days:

  • What else could I name this series?
  • Items around the house(anybody’s house) that can be used for set design at PCC
  • My own personal logo
  • I want black & white art for my office – can I create it?
  • Can I write a song?
  • Can I draw my lion as a memory of this project?
  • My master bathroom is incredibly tiny and cluttered. Can I figure out a way to create more storage space using stuff I already own?

Not a terrible list, but enough with the lists. I’m excited to start tomorrow.

As goofy as it is, I’m including a creation here anyway. Pointless? Yes, for now. However, the following collage is a tribute to being circular, not square. These are a few circular things I found in my house.

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